Professional Christie Projector Lamp 003-005160-01 DT01725 For DHD851 , DWU851 , DWX851

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Christie
Certification: CE
Model Number: DT01725/003-005160-01
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: Negotiatable
Packaging Details: Natural Packing/OEM Packing
Delivery Time: 2-7 work days
Payment Terms: Paypal,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000Pcs Per Month
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Detail Information
Suitable Projector Models: Hitachi DHD851, DWU851, DWX851 Size/Wattage: E75/UHP330-264W 1.0
Voltage: 110-220V Life Time: >2500hours
Warranty: 8 Months MOQ: 1PCS
Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours Shipping Terms: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS Etc.
Packing: Natural Packing/OEM Packing Payment Methods: TT,Paypal, Western Union Etc.
Port: Guangzhou Material: High-Pressure Mercury Glass Lamp
High Light:

digital projector lamps


mini projector lamp

Product Description

Professional Christie Projector Lamp 003-005160-01 DT01725 Apply To DHD851, DWU851, DWX851 Projectors
Suitable Projector models Hitachi:
DHD851, DWU851, DWX851 Projectors.

Boardroom Meeting Room Projector Lamp
Product description
Our original projector lamps all use genuine original Osram, Philips, ushio, Phoenix bulbs, Epson, Panasonic OEM bulbs, 100% brightness, long working life of more than 2500 Hours and enjoy an 8-month warranty. Compatible projector lamps use high-quality burner, brightness can reach about 90% of the original lighting bulbs.
Product parameters

HITACHI DT00601 HITACHI CP-X1230; CP-X1230W; CP-X1250; CP-X1250J; CP-X1250W; CP-X1350; CP-SX1350; CP-SX1350W; CP-HX6300; CP-HX6500A; CP-HX6500; CP-HSX8500; HCP-6300; HCP-6500; HCP-7500X; ASK C440; C450; C460; BENQ PB9200; PE9200; BOXLIGHT MP-58I; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8940; IMAGE PRO 8942; IMAGE PRO 9135; ELMO EDP-X900; HUSTEM SRP-3540; INFOCUS C450; C460; DP8500X; LP850; LP860; LIESEGANG DV 880 FLEX; DV560; DV880; PROXIMA DP-8500X; TOSHIBA TLP-SX3500; TLP-X4500; TLP-X4500U; VIEWSONIC PJ1172 NSH310H11 65*70 DC USHIO
HITACHI DT00771 HITACHI CP-X505; CP-X605; CP-X608; HCP-6600X; HCP-6800X; HCP-7000X; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8943; IMAGE PRO 8944; VIEWSONIC PJ1158 NSH285W 60*60 DC USHIO
HITACHI DT00871 HITACHI CP-X615; CP-X705; CP-X807; CP-X809; CP-X809W; CP-SX635; CP-WX625; HCP-7100X; HCP-7600X; HCP-8000X; CHRISTIE LW400; LWU400; LX400; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8948; VIEWSONIC PJ1173 NSHA275SO 60*60 AC USHIO
HITACHI DT01021 Hitachi CP-X2010; CP-X2010N; CP-X2011; CP-X2011N; CP-X2510; CP-X2510E; CP-X2510N; CP-X2510Z; CP-X2511; CP-X2511N; CP-X3010; CP-X3010E; CP-X3010N; CP-X3010Z; CP-X3011; CP-X3011N; CP-X3511; CP-X4011N; CP-RX70W; ED-X40; ED-X42; ED-X42Z; HCP-2200X; HCP-2600X; HCP-2650X; HCP-2720X; HCP-3000X; HCP-3020X; HCP-3050X; HCP-3200X; HCP-3230X; HCP-3560X; HCP-3580X; HCP-4020X; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8755J; IMAGE PRO 8919H; IMAGE PRO 8919H-RJ; IMAGE PRO 8920H; 3M X30N; X35N UHP210/140W 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT01291 Hitachi CP-SX8350; CP-SX8350J; CP-WU8450; CP-WU8450J; CP-WX8255; CP-WX8255A; CP-WX8255J; CP-X8160; CP-X8160J UHP330/264W 1.0 E19.7 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT01471 Hitachi CP-WU8460; CP-WU8460J; CP-WU8461; CP-WX8265; CP-WX8265J; CP-X8170; CP-X8170J; HCP-D767U UHP365/280W 1.0 E19.7 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT00781 Hitachi CP-X1; CP-X2; CP-X4; CP-X253; CP-70XH; CP-75XH; CP-76X; CP-RX70; ED-X20; ED-X22; HCP-60X; HCP-60XH; HCP-70X; HCP-75X; HCP-76X;MP-J1EF; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8770; VIEWSONIC PJ358 HS150KW09-2E 45*45 AC MATSUSHITA
HITACHI DT00691 HITACHI CP-X440; CP-X443; CP-X444; CP-X445; CP-X455; CP-HX3080; CP-HX4050; CP-HX4060; CP-HX4080; CP-HX4090; HCP-6200X; BOXLIGHT MP-60I; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8911; IMAGE PRO 8914; IMAGE PRO 8915; LIESEGANG DV420; DV485; VIEWSONIC PJ862 HSCR230H13H 55*55 AC MATSUSHITA
HITACHI DT00891 Hitachi CP-A100; CP-A100J; HCP-A8; ED-A100; EDA100J; ED-A110; ED-A110J NSHA220HI 50*50 AC USHIO
HITACHI DT00893 Hitachi CP-A52; CP-A200; ED-A101; ED-A111; ED-A52 NSHA220HI 50*50 AC USHIO

We can provide as below for your choices;

    1.  OEM/OM =Original lamp module and original packing

    2.  OWH/OBH=Original lamp with housing

    3.  OB=Original bare bulb

    4.  CWH/CBH=Compatible lamp with housing

    5.  CB=Compatible bare bulb

    6.  DMD chip and LCD panel

    7.  Power supply

    8.  Color wheel, remote control and so on.
    Professional Christie Projector Lamp 003-005160-01 DT01725 For DHD851 , DWU851 , DWX851


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