Replacement Hitachi Projector Lamp NSH285 DT00771 With Housing Video Projector Bulbs CP-X505 CP-X605 CP-X608

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hitachi
Certification: CE
Model Number: DT00771
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: Negotiatable
Packaging Details: Natural Packing/OEM Packing
Delivery Time: 2-7 work days
Payment Terms: Paypal,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000Pcs Per Month
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Detail Information
Suitable Projector Models: HITACHI CP-X505/CP-X605/CP-X608 Projectors Size/Wattage: 55*55/NSH285
Voltage: 110-220V Life Time: >2500hours
Warranty: 8 Months MOQ: 1PCS
Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours Shipping Terms: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS Etc.
Packing: Natural Packing/OEM Packing Payment Methods: TT,Paypal, Western Union Etc.
Port: HongKong / Guangzhou Material: High-Pressure Mercury Glass Lamp
High Light:

digital projector bulbs


video projector bulbs

Product Description

NSH285 DT00771 Replacement Bulb with Housing for HITACHI CP-X505/CP-X605/CP-X608 Projectors

Suitable Projector models Hitachi:
HITACHI CP-X505/CP-X605/CP-X608 Projectors.
Product description
Our original projector lamps all use genuine original Osram, Philips, ushio, Phoenix bulbs, Epson, Panasonic OEM bulbs, 100% brightness, long working life of more than 2500 Hours and enjoy an 8-month warranty. Compatible projector lamps use high-quality burner, brightness can reach about 90% of the original lighting bulbs.
Product parameters

HITACHI DT00601 HITACHI CP-X1230; CP-X1230W; CP-X1250; CP-X1250J; CP-X1250W; CP-X1350; CP-SX1350; CP-SX1350W; CP-HX6300; CP-HX6500A; CP-HX6500; CP-HSX8500; HCP-6300; HCP-6500; HCP-7500X; ASK C440; C450; C460; BENQ PB9200; PE9200; BOXLIGHT MP-58I; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8940; IMAGE PRO 8942; IMAGE PRO 9135; ELMO EDP-X900; HUSTEM SRP-3540; INFOCUS C450; C460; DP8500X; LP850; LP860; LIESEGANG DV 880 FLEX; DV560; DV880; PROXIMA DP-8500X; TOSHIBA TLP-SX3500; TLP-X4500; TLP-X4500U; VIEWSONIC PJ1172 NSH310H11 65*70 DC USHIO
HITACHI DT00771 HITACHI CP-X505; CP-X605; CP-X608; HCP-6600X; HCP-6800X; HCP-7000X; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8943; IMAGE PRO 8944; VIEWSONIC PJ1158 NSH285W 60*60 DC USHIO
HITACHI DT00871 HITACHI CP-X615; CP-X705; CP-X807; CP-X809; CP-X809W; CP-SX635; CP-WX625; HCP-7100X; HCP-7600X; HCP-8000X; CHRISTIE LW400; LWU400; LX400; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8948; VIEWSONIC PJ1173 NSHA275SO 60*60 AC USHIO
HITACHI DT01021 Hitachi CP-X2010; CP-X2010N; CP-X2011; CP-X2011N; CP-X2510; CP-X2510E; CP-X2510N; CP-X2510Z; CP-X2511; CP-X2511N; CP-X3010; CP-X3010E; CP-X3010N; CP-X3010Z; CP-X3011; CP-X3011N; CP-X3511; CP-X4011N; CP-RX70W; ED-X40; ED-X42; ED-X42Z; HCP-2200X; HCP-2600X; HCP-2650X; HCP-2720X; HCP-3000X; HCP-3020X; HCP-3050X; HCP-3200X; HCP-3230X; HCP-3560X; HCP-3580X; HCP-4020X; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8755J; IMAGE PRO 8919H; IMAGE PRO 8919H-RJ; IMAGE PRO 8920H; 3M X30N; X35N UHP210/140W 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT01291 Hitachi CP-SX8350; CP-SX8350J; CP-WU8450; CP-WU8450J; CP-WX8255; CP-WX8255A; CP-WX8255J; CP-X8160; CP-X8160J UHP330/264W 1.0 E19.7 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT01471 Hitachi CP-WU8460; CP-WU8460J; CP-WU8461; CP-WX8265; CP-WX8265J; CP-X8170; CP-X8170J; HCP-D767U UHP365/280W 1.0 E19.7 50*50 AC PHILIPS
HITACHI DT00781 Hitachi CP-X1; CP-X2; CP-X4; CP-X253; CP-70XH; CP-75XH; CP-76X; CP-RX70; ED-X20; ED-X22; HCP-60X; HCP-60XH; HCP-70X; HCP-75X; HCP-76X;MP-J1EF; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8770; VIEWSONIC PJ358 HS150KW09-2E 45*45 AC MATSUSHITA
HITACHI DT00691 HITACHI CP-X440; CP-X443; CP-X444; CP-X445; CP-X455; CP-HX3080; CP-HX4050; CP-HX4060; CP-HX4080; CP-HX4090; HCP-6200X; BOXLIGHT MP-60I; DUKANE IMAGE PRO 8911; IMAGE PRO 8914; IMAGE PRO 8915; LIESEGANG DV420; DV485; VIEWSONIC PJ862 HSCR230H13H 55*55 AC MATSUSHITA
HITACHI DT00891 Hitachi CP-A100; CP-A100J; HCP-A8; ED-A100; EDA100J; ED-A110; ED-A110J NSHA220HI 50*50 AC USHIO
HITACHI DT00893 Hitachi CP-A52; CP-A200; ED-A101; ED-A111; ED-A52 NSHA220HI 50*50 AC USHIO

We can provide as below for your choices;

    1.  OEM/OM =Original lamp module and original packing

    2.  OWH/OBH=Original lamp with housing

    3.  OB=Original bare bulb

    4.  CWH/CBH=Compatible lamp with housing

    5.  CB=Compatible bare bulb

    6.  DMD chip and LCD panel

    7.  Power supply

    8.  Color wheel, remote control and so onReplacement Hitachi Projector Lamp NSH285 DT00771 With Housing Video Projector Bulbs CP-X505 CP-X605 CP-X608


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